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Round Lake Kennels

29069 HWY 264 ROUND LAKE, MN 56167  
Main Phone (507) 360-6405 (Thad's cell)
If no answer, (507) 360-6027 (Scott's cell)


Thad & Jodi,

Thank you for all your awesome training. Some dogs get it but Mocha's got it mastered—unbelievable breeding and training. I do very little anymore, she stays close if the bird is hiding or running away after you shoot it I just wait and she always finds it. I have no lost birds to date. When she gets on a bird she stops, marks it if she can, and pounces; gives you plenty of time to get ready to shoot. She is not even 2 years old. Many guys say she is the best they have ever hunted with. It is hard not to brag a little but credit goes to you and your team at Round Lake Kennels. Customer for life. I will be looking for a sister for mocha in 2 years. Unbelievable!!!!!

- Chris Henkels

Call for reference (612) 414-7139


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