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29069 HWY 264 ROUND LAKE, MN 56167  
Main Phone (507) 360-6405 (Thad's cell)
If no answer, (507) 360-6027 (Scott's cell)


Thad & Jodi,

    Here are just a few pictures of Taffys succesful upland and waterfowl hunts,that I took the kids and my uncle on.Taffy is one awesome hunting dog.We shot everything from ducks, geese, pheasants,chuker,and we even went on a coot shoot. All of the hunts Taffy retreived everything even the cripples couldn't out smart Taffy.I'm currently taking Taffy to a pheasant shooting preserve once a week to keep her well conditioned and fine tuned for the hunts this fall.I would like to thank everyone at RoundLake Kennels for all my succesful hunts.Without the professional care and training from RoundLake Kennels to produce a top quality gun dog I don't think these hunts would have been possible.

Thank You,
    Glen Senske.


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