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Letter #1

    Maggie has gone hunting with us 4 years. She has hunted with a variety of dogs. She is really much better behaved than the others…hunts close (most of the time)…respondes to “here,” “no bird,” “drop bird” and “kennel” without hesitation.
I really love it when Maggie jumps into the back of my pickup…as I watch other dog owners lift their dogs into their trucks and SUVs. Normally, after an hour or two, the others leave their tired, undisciplined dogs in their vehicles and Maggie takes care of everybody.
    Thanksgiving weekend, a friend who had 2 hunters visiting (we hunted with them until noon) called me at about 3:00…their 2 dogs couldn’t find a downed bird…could I bring Maggie…cell phones are great. It took Maggie about 10 minutes to find and capture a rooster in the tall grass…wrong bird…hadn’t been shot…and another 5 minutes to find their wing shot bird. WOW—I was one proud dog owner!
    Anyway, I hope next year, I along with my songs can hunt both dogs at the same time. See opening weekend photos…hunted about 4 years each day. All birds shot within 2 miles of our home on railroad right of way, filter strips and standing corn.
My 15-year old nephew from New Jersey hunted for the first time Thanksgiving. He got a pheasant, partridge, and rolled a coyote. I almost feel like a guide service.

My grandson, my son and Maggie
From left to right: Maggie, oldest son Jim, Wade, Opra, Friend of a Friend, son Tim, Minnesota guest, Friend, Minnesota guest, Two friends of a friend

    Wade Ellerbroek

Letter #2

Thad—thanks for training Maggie and Opra…they are great!!
    Maggie and I took my 4-year old grandson on his first hunt. We walked a small waterway and Maggie flushed a rooster…and promptly retrieved it. Upon Reese’s command “drop bird,” Maggie let him handle his first pheasant.

Wow—what could be better than this!!

From left to right: Grandson Reese and his pheasant,
Wade and Maggie

    Wade Ellerbroek

Letter #3

    Thanks again for training Maggie and Opra. To date—92 pheasants and 6 partridge. Hope to get out again Christmas weekend.
    Opra has really caught on to my style hunting. She’s gotten used to 6 or more hunters and 2-4 dogs. We walk lots of tall switchgrass, standing corn, and wetlands. Opra seems to point birds most of the time, which has been a lot of fun.
    Maggie, a four season veteran, does everything correctly. She went under water and got a pheasant out of a wide and deep stream the other day to everyone’s amazement.

no no
From left to right: Son Jim, son Tim, Wade and Opra
Front row, from left to right: Maggie, Wade, Opra, Derrick, son Tim; back row: Adam, Ted, son Jim, T.J.

    Wade Ellerbroek

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