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    Greetings from down in Central Iowa, all is well here. I wanted to write you a letter on behalf of Emily and myself, even Moose. I've meant to do this recommendation letter for months since Moose's three month training at Round Lake Kennel's World Headquarters and his one month trip to bird-filled South Dakota.

    We have both learned a tremendous amount from you regarding raising a Labrador dog and finding their potential; less is more, repetition controller, simple language terms, etc. After his 90-day training we were glad to have him back and his desire to retrieve. With the down bird population in Iowa, sending him to South Dakota with you was wise as well.

    I was able to get him out a few times to hunt, no luck on any pheasants here, but he was "chomping at the bit". (Three barn owls popped up one time and he looked at me as if saying "shoot!!...I'll go get them".) I take him with me when I can with my work, luckily with three houses under construction, they are all in open fields resulting in great retrieving sessions.

    When I get home from work, he is ready for a retrieve session, collar training, and just being a dog on our acreage. I think you would still be pleased with him, he jumps at his 5-gallon bucket for dummies and bumpers, his speed is q uick as can be for a steady weight of 75-76lbs. dog, still lean and trim.

    As we mentioned back in the Fall picking him up from the South Dakota trip, we are interested in another puppy, black or chocolate, similar to Moose's build. If you have litters coming up on your radar, we would be interested in exploring it this year.

    Thank you again for everything, we couldn't be more pleased with his training by you, a professional dog trainer. Hope all is well up in MN, take care.

-Dave and Emily Adickes

I had an 18 mos. old Lab bitch in training with him for about 5 mos. I was extremely pleased with the results Thad was able to achieve, given the late start that "Feathers" had. I practiced veterinary medicine for about 17 years before entering "human" medicine as a physician. I have been raised with Labs since childhood and have trained (or attempted to train) four Labs on my own. Feathers is the second dog I have had professionally trained. I was very pleased with the results that Thad was able to achieve, given the late stage in which training began. Comparing him with other trainer's I have known I would give him the highest recommendation. He is extremely honest in his evaluation of a dog's potential and his training expectations. He is also very thorough and knowledgeable with his training methods. He is enthusiastic about his work and has a deep respect, understanding, and love for the animals he works with. I would give him my highest recommendation and would certainly expect to use him as a trainer for future generations of my dogs. If you have any further questions I would be most happy to discuss them with you and can be reached at home at (304) 496-8880.

-James L. Rising, DVM, MD

    I just wanted to let you know about Tripoli and her first duck hunt.

    Saturday morning she did a fantastic job sitting in the canoe on a very windy and stormy morning. We hunted ducks on choppy South Heron Lake. As the hunt started ducks were downed right away. She was able to mark and retrieve all the ducks but one. Each time she eagerly returned the duck to my hand. I had goose bumps on each retrieve she made.

    Sunday morning was even better. First duck down she marked and I released her to retrieve it. She returned it right back to my hand once again. The best retrieve was later though, when a bird went down that she did not see. I lined her u[ and released her to retrieve a duck that she couldn't see because the wind was blowing so hard there were white caps. She swam out 50 yards and though about turning around when the water was crashing over her head. i repeated the command and she kept going only to find the bird and bring it back. She had gone 125-150 yards out for the retrieve.

    I just wanted to share Tripoli's success story with you and let you know what an unbelievable part of the family she is at our house. Thanks for letting us adopt such a wonderful dog.

-Dane Nielsen, Windom, MN

    I reiterate my comments to both of you last week on the morning of my departure concerning Thad Lambert. I was fortunate to hunt with him both last and this year. He is very professional; has excellent dogs; is very caring for; but certainly in control of his dogs; is safety-oriented; actually makes the hunts more enjoyable by virtue of his presence, comments, knowledge, wit, etc.; and finally he is very much a public relations representative for the Paul Nelson Farm as he talks about various aspects of the operation throughout the day in a very positive way.

Bottom line, if I were ever starting a commercial hunting operation in Louisiana (beware!), Thad would be the very type of individual I would want to be my head guide. He is an asset to you.

-Lawrence Abbott